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Just another sad hour.

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‘Sad hour’ was written and recorded during the small window of the lockdown being eased in the UK. It references the feeling of entrapment, continued attempts to stay sane and the need to check in on others making it relevant to the time.

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Described as ‘a synth driven wall of sound’, ESTHR are a 4 piece unsigned Rock/Electronic band from Deal, Kent. 

Incorporating the use of synths & heavy guitar tones, ESTHR are of the same threads as other British electronic rock bands such as Enter Shikari, THE HUNNA, Bring Me The Horizon & YMAS. Growing up, members of the band were influenced by the Nu Metal generation of bands such as Linkin Park (& anything on Kerrang!)

Esthr began releasing singles in 2017, where they found their feet in their developing sound. More singles released in 2018/19 saw Esthr growing their fanbase, introducing heavier sounds into their music, playing live shows and developing a strong following. 

Their release of ‘Violence’ at the end of 2020 saw successes on both local and international radio stations. Esthr has a catalogue of singles to release in 2022 to grow and broaden their horizons.

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I can hear the violence coming

I can hear the violence coming

Behind the scenes

Lockdown sessions, writing and recording.